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  • Time of the scheduled workout

    I have prepared and scheduled several workouts in GTC.
    I have successfully sent the workouts to the 310XT.
    Only the next three workouts have been retained in the 310 memory. But this is not the major inconvenient. Worse, the workouts have, in the 310, a preset time at 2PM. Since I always train in the evening, when I go training 2PM are past and the workout for that day no longer exists in the 310 scheduled workouts. Clever thinking!! I miss my scheduled workout at 2PM, soon after the workout scheduled for that day is automatically deleted.
    In addition to that, the paces indicated in the workout page (workout -> custom -> edit workout), are consistently different from those I set in GTC as boundaries of each zone, before sending the workouts.
    1. How do I change (in GTC or in the 310) the workout time which appears below the indication of the day in the scheduled workout page of the 310?
    2. How do I get the workout pace zones to be syncronised between GTC and the 310?
    Appreciate any contribution.