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310xt died today

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  • 310xt died today

    My 310xt has been working beautifully until today. I came home from work and disconnected my watch from the charger only to find a blank screen. Power button does nothing. If I press the power button and the up arrow at the same time I see the words ' Software Uploader' for a few seconds and then the screen goes blank again. I tried doing a reset as described in the owner's manual by holding the mode and lap/reset button, but it doesn't work. The watch never powers on.

    Please help, I need my gps back!

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    Do you get anything on the screen when it is plugged into the charger? If so, you might try updating to version 2.60. If still no joy, suggest calling Garmin support. If they cannot walk you through a fix, they will probably RMA the unit, since it is still under warranty.
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      I get nothing on the screen when it's plugged in. I'll call Garmin support today, looks like I've got a defective unit. Thanks for the reply.


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        If you can get the 'software loader' screen you should be able to upload 2.60. It should remain on this screen as long as you continue to hold the up arrow. You will need to continue holding the up arrow until the ANT Agent starts sending the update.


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          Had such a problem with two FT305 units, they have been "over-charged" so after that "experience" I never charged the device for a long time period (or even over night), only three hours.

          I will do so with the FR310 and because of the status screen it's now much easier to find the right dose

          What I did to "recover" the FR305s? Just waited and tried to get into the test/debug mode to provoke battery usage. This worked, but one time I've to wait more than one day