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Pics of 310XT on arm

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  • Pics of 310XT on arm


    We live in east Switzerland, and I can't find a store which has the 310XT in the shop, so we can't go see it. This is for my wife, and she is a bit concerned that the 310XT will be too big on her arm. It can do all the things she is looking for, but she is a bit hesitant just buying it, before she has tried it "on".

    Is there anyone who could possibly post a picture of the 310XT on an arm? That would really help us make a more informed decision.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Here is a photo of a 305, a 310, and a Suunto Vector on my arm. Sorry for the poor quality, but it was the best I could do one-handed with my iPhone.


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      WOW. Thanks a lot for the fast reply!!!

      Can you confirm that the 310XT does not have the rigid frame/band you have on the 305, and on the 405CX? That makes the 310XT fit better on a relatively small wrist.



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        The body of the 310 does not protrude down the inside of the wrist like the 305 body does. The lower strap is a bit fixed to the watch, but the upper band pivots. I don't have a 405, so I don't know how the 310 compares to that.


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          For a small wrist, I have found that the watch band that comes with the Quick Release Mount for the 310 is more comfortable than the band that comes with it.

          The band that ships with the 310 is more comfortable than the original band on the 305.



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            Lots of pictures here


            (I would have posted the images, but "all rights reserved")


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              I have both the 310xt and 405cx.

              Let's just say that running with the 405cx does not remind you that you are even wearing a watch. However, with the 310xt, you definitely know it's there!!!
              The 405cx is very comfortable on my wrist. I actually wear it as a sports watch. I basically use the 310xt for interval workouts (when the vibration really comes handy). It almost lives on my bike when I'm not during workouts. For running, I pretty much always wear the 405cx...