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Interval workout - bad timing

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  • Interval workout - bad timing

    Yesterday did a interval workout.
    I had scheduled the workout in GTX and send it to my 310.

    24 x (30 sec run + 20 sec rest + 40 sec run + 30 sec rest)

    During my training i noticed my timing of the intervals at the end was seconds off with my running mates.

    After analysing the data in GTC I noticed a difference of half a second each interval.

    Since there is no way to plan the workout in GTC with half a second I gues the 310 is wrong. Has anyonse seen the same half seconds in GTC?

    Hope the image is clear enough.

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    Interesting. Was doing some intervals in the pool using the 310, 30x100 on 1:45, and noticed it was out of sync with the pool clock. Thought it was the pool clock that was out. Maybe not...
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      What version of Ant Agent, Training Center and unit software are you using?



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        For me, all are the latest available.


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          Version information

          Firmware Software Version 2.40
          GPS Version 2.10
          GTC: 3.4.5
          ANT: 2.2.5

          I just saw a newer version of ANT was available.
          Hope rest is up to date.

          In the meantime I figured out there may be a difference in planned workouts in GTC and workouts created on the watch itself.

          I'll try the newer ANT version and report about it.


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            Updated ANT to version

            Configured a short workout in GTC, send it to 310, activated the workout, reset the device, transferred data. Open GTC:
            - still same half second too much each interval

            Configured a workout on the 310 itself, same procedure as above and GTC showed me good interval data.

            So the workouts that I've send with GTC are too long
            So my guess is that this is a GTC issue?


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              This is definitely a bug. I've reported it to Garmin Support. It wouldn't hurt for you to send in your findings as well.



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                Thx, I'll do that.