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  • New firmware new HR problem

    It seems every time I get a new firmware (4.70 this week, the HR monitor gets messed up.

    Now for my rides I am at least one zone lower for the same effort. The result is incorrect calories recorded, and reduction in motivation.

    Is anyone else seeing problems with HR since the latest update.

    I've tried default setting twice (solved the problem the last time this happened, but this time it only seems to be better for the next activity - and then goes wrong again). Is there anything else I can try to get a fix?


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    Originally posted by TonyCollins100 View Post
    It seems every time I get a new firmware (4.70 this week,
    Huh? The current production version for firmware for the FR235, which is 7.70, was released three months ago. Version 4.70 was released twenty-three months ago, in June 2016, and the production version that immediately followed it, being 5.20, was released in August 2016.


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      Sorry - it is of course 7.70 - and for whatever reason I didn't get it till this week.

      And now, after a third reset to defaults, it is refusing to pair with my phone. The phone finds the watch, but then I get pairing failed.

      EDIT: Fixed pairing - phone thought it had 3 235's paired. Deleted them, then it worked.
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        OK - third default reset still not improved (Seemed OK this am, but useless this evening)

        However, it seems this problem started with V7.6 V7.5 is fine.

        Here is a screenshot from tonight. Note the long periods at about 16 minutes, and 27 to about 32 minutes of very low heart rate. At some times during these periods I was climbing (a little - this is the cheshire plain after all :-) ) and HR would normally be well in the orange zone.


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          Here are two more screenshots. One from the previous version 7.60 - here you can see a long period at the start of the ride which simply did not track heart-rate. The final one is from 7.50 - and is pretty much how it should look. It does drop the HR tracking a couple of times, but only for a short period and quickly recovers.

          These were all exactly the same ride - and the biggest problem for me (Trying to stay motivated on weight loss) is the calories recorded. 264 tonight with 14mph average speed, and 375 with V7.50 even though average speed is lower (higher speed normally burns more calories for me over the same distance)

          Is there a way to downgrade to 7.50 - or what is the best way of contacting Garmin support?
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