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Loosing of HR data in fintess center

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  • Loosing of HR data in fintess center

    Hello all,
    I am using a new 310xt for running and cycling. It works great outdoor, but when I walk into the fitness center I loose the heart rate data at all. There are a lot of hometrainers and treadmills in the room ! Do they jam the hr function of my 310 ?
    I have an old polar with heart rate which works great.

    Thanks in advanced

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    The HRM transmits at 2.457 GHz and is generally not affected by treadmills or other powered training devices. It can sometimes be affected by Wi-Fi installations but only if the Wi-Fi transceiver is very close.

    Does the 310XT indicate that it's lost the HRM's radio signal (i.e. the heart rate icon goes away) or does it start indicating inaccurate or zero pulse? Do you switch off the GPS function of the 310XT when you go indoors?