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  • Creating Workout - pace question

    When setting up the workout in gamin connect, when using pace it asks XX:xx - XX:xx Which pace goes in first the faster pace i.e. 6:00 - 6:10 or the slower pace i.e., 6:10 - 6:00

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    Good question! I always put the faster pace first and it works fine and I never tought to test otherwise.

    As an FYI, I'll share what I found out, using the pace workout, with my 410. I don't know if this apply to other models but, here it goes:

    1- From what I could see, there is a "buffer" of 10 seconds i.e. if you put a pace target of 06:00 - 06:10, the watch will "accept" pace from 05:50 - 06:20, without asking you to accelerate or slow down.

    2- The pace during the workout seem to be an average for the lap. It doesn't seem to be instant pace. During long laps, and depending on the target range set, it isn't too hard to "get" to the right pace, although it might take you a minute or two if you started too slow or too fast. For short laps, however, it is harder. If you use the pace target for Interval training (ex. 1 minute at 05:00), you might need 5 to 10 seconds to get an accurate read of your current speed and, then, you'll spend another bit of time to adjust your speed to get the average right and, still, you could be at the wrong current pace...

    What I might start doing in my short interval runs is to have the screen show the actual pace, instead of the workout screen (who shows the average pace)