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  • Spike in Heart Rate

    I have bee a life long athlete. I have been running for about 10 years and never had a heart rate monitor. A few months ago I bought the FR60 and I love it. However sometimes on morning runs I experience a spike in my heart rate that last for 30 or 45 seconds. Is this common? My average heart rate during a run is 145 to 160 but it can spike to 175. This happens during the first half mile of my run and settles down after that. My resting heart rate is 54 and I am running 4 to 5 miles a day.

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    It is most likely that your strap is not in good contact with your skin and the "spike" is a misread, not true HR. As you begin perspiring the contact is strengthened and this is why you only see it early in your run. You might try to moisten more before your run and/or tighten the strap a bit.
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      I will try wetting the Heart Monitor before my next run. I will also stop next time it happens and try to get a manual read to see if it is the monitor or a true spike.


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          If it continues after wetting the strap, or starts to last longer than a few seconds, see a cardiologist. I am 55 yr old cyclist and this started happening to me about a year ago and the duration got longer and longer, but were happening only about every 2-3 weeks. I was diagnosed with exercise induced supra ventricular tachyiacardia. I can still train, but have to cut the pace way back when these spikes occur to allow my heart rate to re-regulate itself.

          Good luck.