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error distance after the beginning of the timer

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  • error distance after the beginning of the timer

    when shooting my stopwatch, only a few meters after my watch begins to mark the distance, this is normal or only need to access the GPS at the site where I will start running.

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    Irrespective of what device you have, when you press start, the device will begin recording information. When you press stop, it will stop.

    If you only want to see the time, select a data field with Time of Day. You don't need to press start to see that.


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      error distance after starting the timer

      What is happening is when I press the start time is running normal, only the distance is starting to score after a few meters. Not getting the correct distance from the start.


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        Make sure you have a good GPS signal before you start your activity.

        Of course distance won't start increasing until you actually start moving. I don't know what device or what units you are using, but most display distance to 0.01 of a mile or km, so you have to move at least 10 metres (if you are using km) or 18 yards if you are using miles before it will show any distance.