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    I just have a few questions. I'm trying to decide which Garmin watch to purchase. I want something that can calculate calories burned very accurately. Do you have to have the heart monitor, too, to calculate calories burned? I have thus far narrowed my search to the 120, 110, and 405. Thanks for any insight.

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    On the Garmin website, you can compare different models. This should help you figure out which model is best for you.

    As far as calorie calculations go -- I don't think any device (Garmin or otherwise) will provide calories "very accurately," which you want. This measurement is hard enough to do in a laboratory environment, let alone something you wear on your wrist, so you may want to keep this in mind.

    The newer Garmin devices do use a HRM to calculate calories. If you don't have a HRM, some models will try to calculate your calories based on distance, but this IMHO is not very accurate.


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      You probably have to do a new leaf metabolic profile for the most accurate calories result.
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