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305 or 405cx advice please

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  • 305 or 405cx advice please

    Hi all need some help on which watch to go for! I've been running for about a year now completing a half marathon in that time! I really want to step up my training now and want to also complete a marathon next year! With this in mind I've narrowed it down to the 305 and 405cx on the watches I can afford, in your opionion which watch is better for features etc to help me train all round?

    Thanks for the help

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    I recommend reading the blog he has great reviews of all of the Garmin watches.

    My personal choice would be the 305 because it seems to be very "tried and true" and has a solid reputation.

    Honestly I don't know if I know anyone (of... 4-5 people) who are happy with their 405cx. Most complain about the use of the touch bezel when sweaty or wet -- Garmin has basically acknowledged this weakness in releasing the "improved touch bezel design" in the 410. Most of my friends with the 405cx also complain of poor battery life. My sister, for example, consistently gets around 3.5 hours of use on her 9 month old watch -- I've been trying to get her to exchange it with Garmin under warranty because that is unacceptable.

    For me a few key differences between the 405 and 305 are:
    405 is smaller, more "normal watch" sized
    305 has a easier to customize / read screen due to the larger size
    305 has a more consistent reputation
    305 provides better bike support


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      I have the 405cx and I'm not happy with the battery life. I can get three one hour runs out of it and then I have to recharge it. I don't have any problems with the bezel. I've basically stopped using the 405cx as my main training watch. I've never used the 305 but have seen lots of people using it at the place where I run regularly.