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  • Accuracy between models

    My wife has a Forerunner 405cx and I have the Forerunner 410. When we run together her GPS will hit the 1 mile lap times sooner than mine. Over a 6 mile run it will end up being >.06 further ahead than mine. I thought it may be because of greater gps accuracy on the 410. We have tried swapping units, and the one she is wearing seems to always stay ahead of mine. Could this be because of height (she is 5’ and I am 5’10”) or could arm swing play a part in this? Does anyone have any ideas on why this could be happening?


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    Does she always run on the same side as you, ie on your left side? Does she take more strides, hence more arm swings?

    There are many possible explanations but 0.06 difference for consumer device accuracy is pretty good whatever the reason


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      That is a very interesting observation. My wife and I used to share our 305 (until I got her a 205) and the plots on her run were always much smoother than mine. We never ran together so I don't know about distance. She runs much slower than me and very little arm swing. On the same path, her plots always look clean, but mine go all over the place. I always attributed it to arm swing.

      However, the more arm swing I do (when I go really fast), the longer distance I always record for the same path. When I plot the runs, it always shows a very ragged path which results in longer distances. There are times where I purposely keep my left arm to my side without any arm swing and the path will be nice and clean (straight).