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Just added Foot Pod and lost elevation data

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  • Just added Foot Pod and lost elevation data

    Got a brand new Foot Pod, paired with my 310XT. I want cadence only - no distance or speed readings as my 310 does this fine.

    Synced run to GC and I no longer have any elevation readings.
    Run done the day before without Foot Pod has elevation just fine.

    Did the Foot Pod do something to change how the 310 calculated elevation?

    When I paired the Foot Pod, I did not change any default settings. It says:

    Speed Source: GPS

    I did not calibrate it - as I'm not pulling speed or distance from it. I'm pulling from the watch, right? Am I missing something?


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    Unless you've turned GPS off completely, you should get elevation. If you have elevation correction turned on in GC, it should just show you what the elevation map says about your recorded route.
    I've never had this problem with 310xt +footpod over several versions of firmware.
    Could you link to an example here so we can see what's going on a bit more clearly?


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      Thanks for the reply - here is a screen shot of my GC page.

      ETA - well that didn't work. Here is the URL to the flikr image:


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        Ah! One other thing - this was a Workout that I created in GC and sent to my device.

        Could it be that doing a "workout" on the watch will not record elevation?

        ETA: Nope, just checked other "workouts" done and they have elevation. However, they were not workouts built in GC and then sent to watch. They were workouts done in the watch just before the run. Hmmm....
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          Well this is interesting! Checked with husband:

          He also has no elevation data on a workout done from a workout made in GC and sent to device.

          He does have elevation data on a run where he did the following:
          1. Hit start - ran a 1 mile warm up.
          2. Hit stop
          3. Reset to save run
          4. Ran a workout created on GC
          5. Stopped
          6. Reset to save workout.

          He has elevation data on first mile and on workout.

          But when he does a workout cold - no other info saved on device for that run - he has no elevation data.



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            Weird, that. Is the route you ran stored? That should be all it needs.

            If you turn off elevation correction, can you see elevation then?

            It looks somewhat like a problem in Garmin Connect for some activities to me.