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  • Garmin and Bing maps

    Hey Everyone,

    How are you going?

    I recently bought a 310XT and love it. However one gripe I have is with the garminconnect website and using bing maps. Is there a way to use google maps instead of bing and will garmin ever bring back google maps? I know they only transitioned recently...

    I did find one fix for google chrome called "Gfix", although it works on the main activity screen, bing maps still show up when clicking on the "player" icon for a specific activity.

    Any information regarding this would be very grateful.

    Kind regards,

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    Neither the Gfix extension or the Greasemonkey script will change the maps in the Player. Unfortunately, it appears our only hope is that Garmin changes back to Google (not very likely ).


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      Thats a real shame - I've emailed the guys who made Gfix and asked whats the go with the "player" not working. Hopefully hear back soon and will update

      Its a real shame that google maps isn't being used. This seems to be the biggest issue talked about with garminconnect.