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What does sport mode do? Can I set it in Connect?

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  • What does sport mode do? Can I set it in Connect?


    Just bought a 405CX for running and biking and it is working well. This is new to me and very cool to use.

    It is a bit of a pain to set sport mode on the watch (several menu layers deep). I am wondering: does it make any difference? What if I left my 405CX in Running mode all of the time and changed the mode in Garmin Connect to reflect the work out type (Running or Biking)? Would I lose any accuracy in the data collected during the workout or the post-workout calculations on the data in Garmin Connect (e.g., calories burned)?\

    A search of the manual, forums, and FAQ didn't reveal an answer.

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    Calories burned will be inaccurate if you are in the wrong sport. I don't believe any other metrics will be affected.

    Edit: If you are using the heart rate monitor with the 405CX, the calories will be based on your heart rate and will be the same regardless of sport. If you are not using the monitor they will be inaccurate.
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      You can do it that way. I don't own a 405cx, but on some devices, the sport mode can have some minor effects. For example, you might be able to display different data field depending on whether you are in bike or run mode -- some people prefer pace while running, but speed while biking. Similar thing for autopause -- for example, for running, you may want to set autopause to come on when you are stopped, but for biking, you may want it to come on when you are below a certain small speed. Not a big deal, but something to consider.


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        OK, thanks both for the replies. I gather then that sport mode doesn't change anything fundamental about how data is gathered and analyzed. It is more of a convenience for how to display the gathered information. This assumes I am wearing the heart monitor (which I do wear).

        If anyone sees this any differently please let us know!