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    MODS - Feel free to move this if it is not in the appropriate place.

    I was given a Garmin Forerunner 405cx as a present for Christmas in 2009.

    The watch gave me quite a bit of trouble, so I eventually sent it back in November 2010.

    Garmin supplied me with a new 405cx in November 2010

    Now, 8 months later the 2nd watch has completely died on me.

    My question is this - as the second watch is only 8 months old is it covered by the 1 year warranty, when the purchase date for the original watch was 19 months ago?

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    There are a lot of variables involved, but I think you are out warranty. Your best bet is to contact Garmin Support. They often will offer a discounted price to fix your device, but that's really for them to decide.