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Another question re footpod ins and outs

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  • Another question re footpod ins and outs

    I've recently bought a Forerunner 305, well mainly because I'm a gadget freak, but also to help me with my training.

    I'm only just learning how to run, and doing the C25K program and I'm actually enjoying running for the first time in my life (after being forced to run at highschool and hating it - undiagnosed asthmatic yada yada).

    I've bought a foot pod separately, as I train in a gym during the week and I only run outside on a weekend.

    My question is regarding the calibration of the footpod, because, obviously on a treadmill my stride is very different than my feeble attempts at running (more like a shuffle-plod) outside.

    Do you have to do a manual calibration, as with a ball-bearing type pedometer and manually calculate your stride length, or is the footpod a fancy gizmo to take the brain work out of it?

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    Just go run. You'll probably find that the footpod gives you a distance that's within 5% of what the treadmill tells you. Then you can decide whether or not the difference is worth worrying about.

    The footpod contains accelerometers that are used to estimate your stride length and it automatically compensates for shorter and longer strides, within a fairly broad range of speeds. To get best accuracy you should do a 'calibration run' over a known distance, at a speed similar to where you'd like the accuracy to be best, but for most people the out-of-the-box result is quite good.


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      I too have bought a footpod for my 305. Initially the idea was for gym use, but have also decided to use it outside as well for cadence and if I lose GPS signal.

      Since I am going to be running on different surfaces - sometimes grass, other times road and at the gym treadmill, I decided that there was no real point in calibrating.

      I'm not overly worried about how exact my runs are, just as long as they are reported consistently...