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Garmin 405cx or 310xt

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  • Garmin 405cx or 310xt

    I am looking into each of these heart rate monitors.

    Just note that I am not a triathalon athelete. I plan on using the heart rate monitor for:
    spinning (some of the gyms I go to have mpower connected),
    weight training (I like to use a heart rate monitor to check my recovery time),
    indoor eliptical trainers and treadmills.

    The 310xt has muilt sport modes and might be able to track the power from Mpower if it ANT+ compatible. But the watch features of the 405cx might be better fit for the gym envirnoment.

    Any thoguhts would be great.


    P.S. I am coming from a polar rs200 which I find cumbersome to download to a mac computer and I am looking for something that can provide a better insight into my workouts over time and as such looking for a device that is (or similar application) compatible.

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    A key difference between the 405 and 310 is that the 405 is meant to be worn as a watch when you are not exercising. It also has a touch bezel, which a lot of people do not like. The 310 is not only for triathletes. It is a bit ugly and I wouldn't wear it around when I'm not running, but it has a larger screen and can display a lot of data.

    I don't own a 405, but I have an Edge and a 310, and I use a Mac. Downloads with my devices are fairly easy, and for the most part, you can find some good training analysis software for the Mac.