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Enter Buttons wearing off!

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  • Enter Buttons wearing off!

    It is sad to say that my not even 2 year old Garmin Garmin Forerunner 305 seems to have a product defect.

    You would think the buttons on either side would be of good quality, but the they are deteriorating at a fast pace, due to the low quality rubber used.
    The Enter button is totally worn off and cannot be used anymore, at all! I am currently stuck with the settings I have, which means I cannot turn the pace alarm off anymore (or change any other settins for that matter!) and it is only a matter of time until I won't be able to use my beloved Running Watch anymore.
    The other buttons are showing extended wear and tear as well. I have been following instructions and only used water and a little bit of soap to clean it in order to get rid of the any sweat straight away. It is insane that a >$300 product has been fitted with low quality rubber buttons. To us this seems like a product deficiency.
    To make things worse, I am unable to contact Garmin Australia in order to discuss the matter. They are not responding to emails, nor are they picking up their phones. Last time I tried I was on hold for 20minutes, being told that all operators are busy at the moment. Seems to be the case every time I call!

    I am very dissapointed and would have expected a higher standard of customer service and care.

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    I've been reading about this problem in the forums elsewhere, too. Only two years?? That seems a very short time.

    I just bought my 305 a few days ago, and anticipating such issues, was thinking I ought to wrap it in plastic when wearing it (plus a piece of leather next to the skin for comfort), so that the cheap rubber on the buttons won't be subjected to skin oils and perspiration.

    I'd been procrastinating on doing this but your post has prompted me to start right away. Maybe if you started doing this now, you'd get to use your 305 (such as it is at present), indefinitely?


    ps. Suggestion: you could make your views known in the 305 forum.


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      I know, 2 years is nothing
      With the pace alert on, I can now only use my Forerunner for long runs now and am still hopeful that Garmin will finally get back to me and fix the problem........


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        A tidier approach to protecting the buttons for extending their life (I was experimenting just now with trimming bits of clear plastic and using a gluestick to put that on as a cover for the buttons), might be to wear clear vinyl 'exam' gloves (or just one finger cut from such a disposeable glove). Larger pharmacies and surgical supply houses sell those, often just by the pair from an opened box.

        Then use just that finger to manipulate the buttons. Voila! No more finger oils & perspiration 'aging' the flimsy rubber button covers.

        I think it's reasonable for us to expect these gadgets to last as long as their internal rechargeable batteries (~ten years?).



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          Enter button wearing off workaround

          Both my "mode" and "enter" buttons deterioriated of my FR205. I have been able to use a pencil or pen to make adjustments to my setup. Ideally Garmin could ship off the 25cents replacement buttons. In the interim my FR205 still serves to track my mileage and the course.


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            I think it's reasonable for us to expect these gadgets to last as long as their internal rechargeable batteries (~ten years?).
            ummm... you're kidding right?? I'm sure you realize this is a commodity consumer device at the LOW end of the market, the lifetime is maybe 2-3 years. 4 tops. My experience is the forerunner series conks out after about 2. I'm on my 3rd one, happy to upgrade each time - think of it as a chance to get the latest and greatest toys.
            I train with SportTracks.