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Unit settings in 3.9

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  • Unit settings in 3.9

    I'm running 3.9 with Connect IQ 2.3.1, and since the update the units on my device get overridden every time I sync.

    I live in the UK where we measure temperature in centigrade, but distance is in miles. So my Connect IQ User Settings has 'statute' for unit of measure, which I honestly hadn't noticed before. On the vivoactive HR, I had my temperature units set to 'celsius' ... and everything was working fine from February when I got my unit until the 3.9 update a few days ago.

    Now every time I sync, my Garmin Weather widget changes units to Fahrenheit until I reset the units on the watch again. Why give me the option to set Distance, Pace/Speed, Elevation, Weight, Height and Temp on the watch if you're just going to override with a blanket setting from the app?

    Verrrry annoying. Garmin please fix.

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    This is not a 3.9 issue .. I would suggest that your settings are not the same in Garmin Connect (Garmin Connect Mobile) and on your device. As a result .. they get changed when you sync. This has been mentioned a number of times before on these forums. You need to check ALL your settings as that is where the problem lies. This is not a Garmin issue to fix .. and it is rare for me to back up Garmin but in this case, this one is not on them.

    I am in Canada and do not use Miles, Fahrenheit etc .. and would be like you where they are switched, but it is not happening and has been fine for the past year.
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      I live in the UK too and have the same problem. Had miles & centigrade working reliably until this month.
      I believe there has been a software update that has effected this. Btw I am using garmin connect on an iPhone.

      Just updated watch s/w & garmin connect to latest.
      I have now been able to get it set back to UK normal (miles & centigrade) by holding right button on watch till menu appears
      then --> settings --> system --> units --> Temperature --> Celsius

      Now to see if it stays set.