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Can we expect elevation from GPS option?

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  • Can we expect elevation from GPS option?

    The barometric elevation is absolute garbage and is of no use to me. I start early morning when it is dark and cold and finish when the sun's up. The barometer doesn't play well with this temperature change and looks like there's nothing we can do about it. I know elevation from GPS is possible in VA3 coz there is autocalibrate for elevation. So can we expect an option 'Use elevation from GPS'? Has this happened before? How do people with high end Fenixs work with this barometric elevation?

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    Same problems, had a VA hr before up grading and elevation recordings were always right and consistent. Viewing barometer and elevation widgets last night elevation seems to continually change, despite the ambient pressure not changing at all.


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      After some research, I believe this is correct and will help you out. Manually calibrate your VA3 to a known elevation and turn auto calibration off. In Garmin Connect turn the elevation correction for your VA3 from the default disable to enable. Now your elevation should be based on GPS and not the barometric altimeter.