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  • Too dark

    Just got my s60 today. I Cannot see it indoors. Outdoors is fine. I have brightness at 100%
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    You should be able to tap the face and it will brighten up...check settings, scroll down to system and backlight...Turn gesture off...This will allow you to tap the face and brighten it up...Hope this helps...the dial is not overly bright for sure when on clock face...


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      I have the same problem, that I cannot read the screen when it is too dark inside or outside.
      I have changed the the backlight settings, so that you can tap the screen to switch on the backlight.
      But this works only for a few hours, because after a while the system has lost this possibility.
      So I need to change everytime the backlight settings (Modus Off - Modus On) to make it possible to switch on the backlight by tapping the screen.

      Why does the system not stay on this option to switch on the backlight by tapping the screen and do I need to switch Modus Off and again Modus On to make it possible?


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        When I turn gesture off it always works with a tap...I wonder if you have a software problem or a defective watch?


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          Yes, that is strange that with you it is Always working. By with me it works for only one or two hours and after that I need to reactivate it by switching mode off / mode on.

          I have test this with Software Versions 2.70, 2.77 and 2.80. Which Software Version are you using?

          Can somebody from Garmin explain this?
          Is this a software problem or a defective watch?


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            Yesterday I have installed the new Software Version 2.90, including a new version of Garmin Express and Garmin Connect on my Windows PC. I noticed that the backlight settings in Garmin Connect were extended to more options. The results were positive, because the whole evening, night until this morning I could switch on the backlight by tapping on the screen.

            But after synchronizing this morning with Garmin Connect Mobile 3.20.3 on my Android Phone the tapping did not work anymore. Because during synchronisation the settings on my S60 were changed from Gesture Off to Always On and the backlight was not working anymore.

            I noticed that when on my S60 the Gesture is Off and in Garmin Connect Mobile Gesture is On, that after synchronisation both setting stay the same, but when in Garmin Connect Mobile Gesture is Off, that after synchronisation the Gesture setting on my S60 is changed in Alway On and that the backlight is not working anymore. Conclusion in the Dutch version of the Garmin Connect Mobile software the On (Aan) and Off (Uit) are switched. Probably it is a translation error or otherwise a software bug.
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              The problem is solved with the update of a new version of Garmin Connect Mobile for Android and now the backlight settings stay the samen and the backlight is everytime activated by tapping on the screen.