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  • Too dark

    Just got my s60 today. I Cannot see it indoors. Outdoors is fine. I have brightness at 100%
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    You should be able to tap the face and it will brighten up...check settings, scroll down to system and backlight...Turn gesture off...This will allow you to tap the face and brighten it up...Hope this helps...the dial is not overly bright for sure when on clock face...


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      I have the same problem, that I cannot read the screen when it is too dark inside or outside.
      I have changed the the backlight settings, so that you can tap the screen to switch on the backlight.
      But this works only for a few hours, because after a while the system has lost this possibility.
      So I need to change everytime the backlight settings (Modus Off - Modus On) to make it possible to switch on the backlight by tapping the screen.

      Why does the system not stay on this option to switch on the backlight by tapping the screen and do I need to switch Modus Off and again Modus On to make it possible?


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        When I turn gesture off it always works with a tap...I wonder if you have a software problem or a defective watch?