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Garmin Connect refreshing while creating a course

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  • Garmin Connect refreshing while creating a course

    While creating a course, it refreshes, wiping out all of your work. Its been happening since early February. Both with IE and Firefox. I've reported it three times. You go through the usual collection of details from them and you get the "don't call us, we'll call you". Since 2014 I've never gotten a single issue resolved.

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    Hi, Yes I am having exactly the same problem, both on my Windows10 laptop and Windows7 desktop, no longer able to plot courses. Garmin seem to be renowned for their lack of support


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      Created a course this evening starting at 8:40 pm. It refreshed at 8:56 pm, clearing everything that wasn't saved. It refreshed again at 9:12 and 9:28; every 16 minutes.


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        There's another large thread about this. It's been going on for weeks. It also refreshes after some delay the first time when you try to enter weight or adjust sleep. After it refreshes, it will work (probably for the same 16 minutes).


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          This is the cookie-cutter response from Garmin. I've gotten one of these for every issue reported (.fit issue, Activities broken, etc, etc. back to 2014). They just close the ticket after this without ever fixing it. If you follow up, you get two responses (...don't call us, we'll call you...) and then you're ignored.

          > I've added this comment to the existing case. If we
          > require more information or when there's a resolution,
          > we'll reach back out. This issue is a priority and we
          > hope to have it resolved in a timely manner. We apologize
          > for the inconvenience and appreciate your
          > patience. Thank you for choosing
          > Garmin,BeaProduct SupportGarmin
          > InternationalFor 24-hour access to support videos,
          > manuals, FAQs & more, visit the Support
          > Center.


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            I just entered this in the other thread on this subject.

            I don't know for sure but this might be fixed now.

            When it was a problem for me, I would wake up in the morning to a web Connect page with all zeros for the day. Now when I wake up, yesterday's stats are still there until I manually refresh. Also, one of the things I do first thing in the morning is to manually enter my weight. When it was a problem, trying to enter it would first lead to an automatic refresh and then I could do the input. This morning, it just accepted my input without refreshing first.


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              Just checked, its still happening. Roughly 6 weeks since reported to Garmin. Created a course and let it sit in the creation mode for a half-hour. When I hit save, the screen refreshed and all new entries were lost. This isn't about entering stats, but it may be a similar issue with screen refreshes.


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                For the past few days it seemed to be fixed. However first thing today I was greeted with a web page with 0 steps meaning it must have refreshed on its own. The problem seemed to be back.

                However, just now when I entered my weight, it accepted it without refreshing despite the web page not having been touched for an hour or more. It is possible however that it refreshed itself without me noticing just before I entered my weight.


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                  Got an e-mail from Garmin saying the issue has been resolved. Recent experience verifies this. Now, as to issues with posting to this forum...