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garmin speak dashcam micro sd card

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  • garmin speak dashcam micro sd card

    I just purchased a Garmin speak dash cam that came with an 8gb micro sd card. I purchased a 64gb, formatted it to fat32, but it will not recognize it. Can someone recommend a micro sd card for this, hopefully at least 32gb? Additionally, to transfer my videos to my Windows 10 computer, it advises that I can connect the dashcam via usb to transfer them. However, connected to the dashcam, it does not. The only way it seems to connect, is by removing the micro sd card and plugging it directly into my pc's usb slot (with an adapter). I really hate to have to remove the card each time I want to transfer videos to my pc, so can someone advise how I can have windows 10, recognize the dashcam, or possibly download it to my smart phone to be transferred through it?

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    From the manual...

    The camera requires a microSD® or microSDHC memory card of up to 64GB with a speed rating of class 10 or higher.
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      Note this forum is about Garmin Connect. For further device queries please contact Product Support.
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