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  • Garmin Connect error

    Since Thursday (yesterday), I have been unable to get GC to upload my latest activity. I keep getting a msg that says "there was an error syncing with Garmin Connect".

    Using 910XT. Have no uploading problem up to last prior activity (Sunday).

    Spoke to what passes for support at Garmin. Had me replug the ANT device, uninstall and reinstall Garmin Connect and had to reboot computer (2X). Still no joy.

    Is anyone else having this problem? If not, then why me suddenly?

    I recall running into an error like this some time ago and the problem seemed to turn to be the Garmin Connect server(s) needed to be rebooted. Can anyone here get someone at Garmin to try this?

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    Well, what do you know? Looks like Garmin must have rebooted their servers because all of a sudden, my 910XT uploaded two activities to Garmin Connect without any problems.

    Now, if I had followed Garmin support person Bill's recommendation that I delete the activity that would not upload on Thursday because it was "probably" corrupt, then I would have lost good data!

    This recent comic captures my feelings whenever I have to call Garmin support:

    Why I'd rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service!


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      Here we go again. I have not been able to upload from my 910XT since this past Sunday. The last successful upload I made was the prior Thursday.

      I am running Garmin Express v6.8.1.0, which is notated as being fully up-to-date. When I click on the Sync button in Garmin Express, I eventually get the msg that "There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect". AGAIN!

      My computer has been rebooted a number of times and in fact, got a big Windows update on Tuesday morning. But Garmin Express is still generating the same error.

      Can someone tell the tech guys to kick the server or maybe even reboot it?


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        Cannot connect to servers, issues still today...would be nice if Garmin put out an announcement about this....(hurriedly clicks on announcement thread..)


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          me too


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            Back up now


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              had several problems Zwift not syncing with Garmin connect for over a good month, also if you manually try to upload the zwift fit file to GC website it brings up an error message, the same zwift file however uploads to Strava and Golden cheetah sites, seams like there's a Garmin Connect Problem rather than it being a fit file problem?? GC Windows 10 PC


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                Originally posted by Martinr2 View Post
                Back up now
                Still down for me here in Ireland...

                edit...very strange goings on..i had to uninstall my older version of express and install the latest version to sync with servers.
                my pc has just had an automatic windows update, a rather large one, so maybe that was part of the problem.
                All okay now.
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                  Just worked for me, finally! Maybe like in the old days of technology, Garmin needs to reboot their servers periodically? Maybe they can set this up as a weekly automatic task?


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                    Same problem Portugal


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                      Problem is happening again. THREE days now and Garmin Connect still not uploading my latest activity.

                      Can someone please reboot the damm server?


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                        Still can't upload! And more problems with Garmin Support! Whew.

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                        Cloudflare Ray ID: 4a1a80456e5792ac • Your IP: xxxxx • Performance & security by Cloudflare


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                          Still experiencing same problem! Over one week now. Don't see why anyone should use Garmin Products if they can't make uploading work reliably. Never Have uploading problems with Strava! Looks like time for me to post some negative Garmin reviews on the web.

                          P.S. Forum website is slower than molasses on a cold winter morning. How long until Garmin declares bankruptcy?
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                            Well, well, well. Today, after arguing with Garmin support yesterday, I again tried to sync through Garmin Connect and voila!, everything worked without problems. I didn't do anything with the watch. Didn't delete the supposed corrupted activity as support suggested. Didn't erase and restart the watch as support suggested. Didn't reboot my computer. Nothing.

                            So what changed overnight? I can only assume that the Garmin Connect server(s) was rebooted, which cleared the problem. This is, I believe, the 3rd time this has happened to me, the 3rd time that support has blamed the problem on a corrupted activity and told me I would have to delete the activity and reset the whole watch and the 3rd time that I did nothing but the problem resolved after an apparent server reboot.

                            Seems to me that rebooting the server(s) should be the 1st mitigation attempted when sync problems account in Garmin Connect.