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Workouts no longer uploaded to fenix 5S after installation update Garmin Connect

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  • Workouts no longer uploaded to fenix 5S after installation update Garmin Connect


    I have a Fenix 5S with the latest firmware, also 20 hours ago the newest update of garmin connect installed on my android device ( samsung note 4).
    Now when I press the sync button on the app or when I manually sync from the watch I also get an error ( no sync on the watch - incomplete circle on the app) , it seems tot partially synchronise the watch; I get heart rate - sleep etc. downloaded from the watch and in the My day events; even workouts ( intervals created and completed on the watch) get sent to the app.

    But I can't send workouts or scheduled workouts to my watch...

    Note : just tried it on an iPhone with latest iOS , still nothing
    Also on the MAC with connect and express nothing gets sent to the watch ( receiving is no problem)

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Note : just tried it on an iPhone with latest iOS , still nothing


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      Same problem with 235 on Mac and iPhone


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        I'm using a Vivoactive 3 with android and have this problems too. Sending planned workouts and changes on workouts went into an not specified error.


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          I have the same problem. I have a Garmin Fenix 5 and cannot sync workouts from Garmin Connect on Android or Windows


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            Does anyone know how to fix this ?


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              I called tech support.

              Apparently I was the only person having the problem ...

              They told me to do a complete reset of the watch, if that didn't help , I should send an email.

              Well I sent an email discussing the problem...

              Don't know how to fix it yet.

              Just using the interval setting on the watch or using the follow me function, those things transfer.

              There's a long error list in the connect app ( on the bottom list settings - controle device synchronization) ...

              Hope they find it soon.


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                I already sent them a mail on Saturday but haven't received an answer yet.
                I see what looks like a server error in the garmin connect app on android => Settings => Device Sync Audit:

                FF/WORKOUTS: Downloading failed
                Unable to download file content for deviceId=id_number.
                Received failure response from server 500:


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                  I've found a workaround that works for me:
                  - Deleted all workouts
                  - Created a workout on the garmin connect website
                  - Syncing the new workout from android then worked

                  Maybe the workouts created using the phone app were corrupt.
                  Hope they fix this soon and are more careful in future updates...


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                    Having the same issue on the fenix 5X. I really dont want to recreate all my workouts.


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                      I found the workouts are there, I just can’t see them in the watch Calendar widget. But on the day of a workout if I select Run it comes up and says Do you want to do Workout xxx? I looks to me like the Widget is only displaying events from my iPhone calendar, not my Garmin Calendar. I also cannot see anymore than ‘Today’ in the calendar widget, there is no option to select a day? Any pointers?


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                        Called french support they received many calls.
                        We Just have to wait....


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                          camilleri and JulienBenu10: Thanks Camilleri, that's exactly the error; your solution worked for me. Deleting the workouts is much quicker than hard resetting the watch and reinstalling. Still haven't heard from garmin either

                          @dalsmit: currently not using the widgets because of the hard reset have to reconfigure ....


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                            My 935 was not able to sync and after reading this post I determined that it was because of the workout I created on the phone. I went online to connect and edited the workout, saved it, and transferred it back to the phone. Now the phone and watch sync up. So it is definetly caused by creating workouts on the phone.
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                            Previously owned Fenix 2 but was unhappy. I have had many Garmin systems in the past and loved them all)


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                              I am unable to upload any workouts to my 735xt. I tried using iPhone with the connect app. and it won't transfer to watch. I tried using Garmin Express on my computer and it gives me the message that there is a problem communicating with the servers. Very frustrating.