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Importing indoor rowing workouts via fit or tcx files

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  • Importing indoor rowing workouts via fit or tcx files

    The Concept2 logbook website introduced a convenient feature last year - the workouts could be downloaded and/or synced with other platforms. Garmin Connect is not in the list, but Strava works perfectly. For Garmin Connect there should be possible to use manual fit or tcx file download and import, the problem is that it never worked for me properly. Fit files generated by the logbook are rejected with an error message, whereas tcx files are imported correctly only if the workout contains no intervals. In the latter case the summary data and splits section show the first interval (warm up in my case) info only, and usually erroneously.

    Now that has stopped syncing my Strava to Garmin Connect I have no way to transfer my workouts to GC, a very unfortunate situation.

    I tried contacting Concept2, they’ve been unresponsive so far, talked to Garmin support, they appeared to be very helpful, but the case requires additional effort on their side as they said.

    Did anyone have experience with this, maybe solutions? Thanks

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    By way of an update, in case someone needs this functionality:

    (1) C2 Logbook has started producing FIT files that could be imported in Garmin Connect (or, alternatively, GC has corrected something in their import algorithm). The imported workouts contain all data and some additional unnecessary fields such as temperature (set at 0 Celsius), elevation (constant at minus 500 m), and GPS (ground zero location). These could be removed using online fitfiletools field stripper. There's no split section / intervals data in the imports. Both FIT files created by ErgData IOS and Android are imported this way now, historical workouts as well.

    (2) I seem to have located the issue with TCX files output by the Logbook. The exported files include randomly introduced "dummy" lap data strings (or at least I think they are redundant - I'm not a programmer) that look like this:
    <Lap StartTime="2018-01-17T18:51:00Z ">

    Deleting these blocks in a text editor repairs the file, it's imported by Garmin Connect in full, shows all info you would expect except the number of strokes, and even provides complete details on the intervals in the split section. Hope C2 correct their export mechanics shortly, I don't think it's difficult to do.


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      I've not tried that, but I upgraded to a PM5 recently and pair it with a cheapie FR60 I bought off eBay (there's a list of compatible watches here: ). Works OK, although the power data can be a bit dodgy - if you're rowing intervals you sometimes get the last power reading carried all the way through the next 'rest'.


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        True, I used to record workouts using my old FR610 connected to PM5 via ANT+ FE. The problem was in stability, somehow the PM5 crashed quite often with the watch connected to it. Another option we have now, is connecting PM5 to any CIQ enabled Garmin watch using ErgIQ app. Again, I have difficulties with pairing my VAHR to PM5 from time to time, that's why I had to look for other solutions.


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          I don't seem to have the same problem with the PM5 crashing, although the laps come through on the FR rather randomly.

          Thanks for alerting me to that app! I use an 920XT as my daily run/exercise watch. Although it says there are some issues with the 920 I'll have to download that and see how it goes.