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Maximum heart rate data

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  • Maximum heart rate data

    Hi all, I suppose this is the right forum for this, as it would cross all fitness watches. My question is about "All activities reports and maximum heart rate". I have chosen to disable, on my Fenix 5x, the auto detection for maximum heart rate, for a number of reasons. I choose to check the report of maximum heart rate average, to gain the maximum heart rate, to adjust Garmin Connect and the watch data. As some will note, your maximum heart rate average, over time, will change and over 12 months, considerably.

    The maximum heart rate average gives you 4 possible scenarios, 7 days, 4 weeks, 6 months, 12 months. My question and hopefully someone from Garmin will see or refer this question to the "fitness" gurus with relation to Garmin training plans. Obviously if using a 7 day average, there would be some movement in a maximum heart rate. What would be the suitable length of time be, in relation to running, before you re check what your maximum heart rate average is and make any necessary changes???

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    orion_jb2001 not sure really what this figure means it appears to use MHR from all activities but how you "average" that I don't know. If I have 2 weeks of very easy running then my MHR might be 140 seen in each of those weeks - I then have areally hard week with intervals and my MHR hits 170 several times. Is the average for thise 3 weeks 150 (i.e. 140*2 / 3) if so what on earth is the use of that - the figure that most closely approximates to my MHR would be the 170 figure and if using something to set HR zones that should be it not 150. I also don't know how long at a specified HR the reports need before they decide an MHR should be counted this concerns me as I do see transient spikes from time to time which I wouldn't want included. I belive that the auto MHR calculation ignores thses spikes and requires a max to be held for a certain period of time. In conclusion - if you are not using auto detect then I think you need another means to test your MHR because if my figures are anything to go by the average report will not come close to a sensible figure.


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      Thanks for the reply. Food for thought.