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    Hi, I'm 3 months in as a Garmin user and I really like the badge system as a motivater. I'm at 51 points right now but with the current system I don't see me getting much more then 60. I don't have a death wish so flying squirrel is out and I'm not sure how recording a drone activity is fitness related. I'd like to see some hiking badges at some point. My main motivation for using the Garmin Instinct is to track my activities and get back into shape not to whine about badges but hey the badge thing is fun. Just an old fat guys opinion. BTW 3 Months ago started at 5'6 265lb now still 5'6 232lb.

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    Congrats on the progress!


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      Suhlasim! Dost zle nastavenie!


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        Congrats on your progress! I'd say try the easy ones for running, bicycle riding or swimming, another good way to collect points is hitting your step goals as long as possible (I set mine static from the auto goal because it just crept higher and just became impossible to achieve on rest days).


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          I agree, the badge system appears rather static. Once you get one that's it. ie if I keep breaking records, why don't I keep getting badges? Good job on the weight loss. I've only just started mine


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            higginsdj some are repeatable but most are not
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              I totaly agree that the system to get badges is poor.
              I'm interesting do I must have Descent MK1 to get all medals for diving?
              And I'm also missing badges for hiking (It's my maine activity).
              Congrats to Bob on weight loss.

              Does anyone from Garmin read these comments at all?