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Connect causing iPhone battery drain??

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  • Connect causing iPhone battery drain??

    So last night I unplugged my phone about 10 pm. It had a 100% charge. Every app had been totally closed background refresh, not even an app open in the background. I do this every once in a while to check the’s an iPhone 8 running 11.2.2.

    At about 10 am this morning I hit the home button to check on the battery and it was at 65%. When I checked the usage I discovered that Connect (v. was responsible for about 56% of the usage during the previous 24 hours. (The attached screenshot was taken about an hour later and the usage increased a slight bit, again without any apps even open.) As noted, I didn’t have Connect open and I only allow Connect to use my location when I’m using the app.

    By the way, my Vivoactive 3 and my Edge 1000 were both plugged in overnight. The watch is on while charging; the Edge was “powered off”.

    Has anyone else had this issue...Garmin Connect using up iPhone battery while not even in use.


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    Yes, exact same here. It annoyed me so much I've deleted the app and am back to great battery life. I may give it one more try to see if anything has improved, but I'm not willing to sacrifice so much battery usage if it's still the same. Something far wrong somewhere.