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Connect causing iPhone battery drain??

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  • Connect causing iPhone battery drain??

    So last night I unplugged my phone about 10 pm. It had a 100% charge. Every app had been totally closed background refresh, not even an app open in the background. I do this every once in a while to check the’s an iPhone 8 running 11.2.2.

    At about 10 am this morning I hit the home button to check on the battery and it was at 65%. When I checked the usage I discovered that Connect (v. was responsible for about 56% of the usage during the previous 24 hours. (The attached screenshot was taken about an hour later and the usage increased a slight bit, again without any apps even open.) As noted, I didn’t have Connect open and I only allow Connect to use my location when I’m using the app.

    By the way, my Vivoactive 3 and my Edge 1000 were both plugged in overnight. The watch is on while charging; the Edge was “powered off”.

    Has anyone else had this issue...Garmin Connect using up iPhone battery while not even in use.