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Strange bug in website--will not accept "6"

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  • Strange bug in website--will not accept "6"

    Uploaded a workout that was in the watch as Indoor Running but in fact was rowing. Changed it to rowing. Edited workout to change number of metres.

    I was trying to change the value to 6400. The input field for # of metres will not accept a "6". It will accept a 5 or a 7, but the 6 key does not do anything. (And yes, my 6 key is working--otherwise I wouldn't be able to type this post.)

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    I attempted to do exactly as you described and was able to enter 6400m. Can you send a link to the activity? You'll need to make it public, at least temporarily.

    Can you try typing "6400" into a text editor (notepad if you're on a Windows machine), then copy and paste it into the distance field?
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