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    i believe its been posted several times we've already been working on this feature.
    thank all of you for your input!



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      Track mileage on different shoes concurrently

      I rotate a couple of pair of training shoes as well as racing flats. A way to track mileage concurrently between different shoes would be way cool.


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        Yes. This has been requested a few times. Search gear tracking.
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          I moved this thread into the existing one for gear tracking to keep similar requests together.



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            Gear tracker +1

            +1...This is the only feature keeping me from using GC as my full time and only training log.

            Love the site, thanks for making it so great.


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              Gear tracker +1


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                I maintain a separate running log, beside Garmin Connect, specifically so I can track shoe usage. like many, I rotate multiple pairs of shoes, and this is essential. Would be the perfect add on to GC.

                Any update on when this feature may be available?


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                  Gear tracker +1
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                    Great Idea....add me as a + 1 also...

                    As with most of the Great ideas served up on this forum by Garmin users...this one isn't unique or new. It's been suggested and requested MANY times before (in some industries that would be viewed as an indicator!).

                    As with most if not all of these suggestions, they draw a canned response from Garmin, if any at all. It's usually something along the lines of they will take it under consideration and it may or may not be available in a future release.

                    So we wait......and wait.....and wait......
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                      Gear Tracker Work-around

                      For now, I reset the mileage & hours totals every time I get a new pair of trainers - I track my racers manually. Not ideal but not bad.

                      Go to: Menu/History/Totals - hold the Lap/Reset button for a few seconds & you'll be prompted to reset your totals.

                      Tracking gear mileage would be a great enhancement.


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                        Please add this feature soon!

                        Another big +1 from me on a gear/shoe tracker.

                        I also maintain a spreadsheet running log for the sole purpose of shoe tracking, and will no longer need to do this as soon as it's added here.

                        ...there's really no excuse for not having this already, considering how useful it would be. I'm no computer scientist, but I bet any web coder worth his salt could create this feature in an afternoon.


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                          Totally agree with this...

                          I just bought a new pair of running shoes and looked for a way to log miles towards replacement, didn't see one.

                          Seems like an easy thing to do--either provide a way to enter a distance goal without a specific completion date, or make a special gear tracking feature.


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                            Unfortunately I need to use the Running Training Log from Runners World to track my shoes kilometrage


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                              Gear Tracker

                              +1 to Gear Tracking. With so many other options, I'm surprised this one isn't offered. It's standard on all other sites I've used. I'd like to be able to track my training all on one site and not have to maintain a spreadsheet or RW tracker just for my shoe mileage.

                              It's been requested frequently for some time now, any word on when it will be available?


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                                Only Garmin know what their intention is with GC, or GTC for that matter. My take is that they are offering up enough to get most people the information and usability they need, leaving other, commercial or otherwise, sites to do the rest.

                                SportTracks and are what I use for all the detail and functionality I need. I use GC only when I think about it, and GTC primarily to schedule workouts (I can do this from SportTracks if I want).

                                In the meantime, if you want equipment logging built in with your activity uploads, consider alternatives to GC and GTC, or be patient and hope Garmin attend to it.