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Garmin connect - create new goals and area of interests in activities

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  • Garmin connect - create new goals and area of interests in activities

    Before I go further with my question, I like pretty much garmin connect. It gives me statistics, values and achieved results. Nevertheless there are two things which can be improved in my opinion...or they are added already and I can't find them. 1.) an Example to understand my request: I like to create a goal. I name it "Munich Marathon". I start with the training on 2018/06/02, type in start date, activity type, target distance etc. And now I like to define the time duration. I just get a few choices but not really accurate and specified ones. So I'm not able to type in e.g. 4 month. Maybe someone can help me out in this matter? 2.) it's about the activities. I did an activity with intervals (pyramid training). Over the whole training I do get average values or if move the mouse focused values on a specific point. But if I like to get average values of a part of my training (zoom in) there is no really useful statistic over the area of interest. Any idea or do I something wrong?
    Thanks for help and your time in those matters.

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    1/Please provide a clearer example
    2/Use manual lap to separate steps in your activity


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      okay, thanks for your quick answer....
      1) see attached file
      2) need to specify my request. Training/Activity starts with warm up, stability exercises, followed by ascending runs and finally interval training which will be specified from the coach on that training day. Therefore is no time to create a accurate training workout. So I just start my FR 735 when I do start training and keep it running until the training is finished. Later on the computer all the data are simply compressed and I do zoom in....just to clarify my request. Now back to you. What exactly do you mean with using manual lap? Thanks.....
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