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Strength workout - list of exercise available (in English and French)

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  • Strength workout - list of exercise available (in English and French)

    I would to try to plan my strength training workout on GC. There is a long list of type of exercise available which are not all very clear... it would be mure more easier to have a full list of exercises. Does such a list exists ? in English and in French ? Many thanks

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    Don't you have access to the full list of available strength training exercises with the drop-down menu?

    The list is there, I just cannot see it all at once. I suppose you can take successive screenshots and then recompile the list in a format that you may find easier to work with.


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      Here you go, directly from Garmin Connect.


      (I used an external site because there's over 1000 exercises in the list and I doubt the forum can handle it, nor does anyone want to see that in a thread.)

      And French (I switched GC's language to Fran├žais, I did not use google translate):

      Since both lists are in alphabetical order, the items do not line up with each other. (e.g. The first item of the English list is not the same as first item of the French list.)

      Also, I think the point is that you already know what exercises you are doing and GC hopefully has something that's close to what you did. I don't think the idea is to go through the list looking for exercises you're interested in....
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        Many many thanks this is exactly what I needed. Having the list make it so much easier !