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    Hi everyone,

    I am one of you who believe that the switch to Bing maps is absolutely ridiculous and I am currently looking into to alternative services where I can upload my GPX tracks for further analysis.

    I wanted to suggest this thread as a place where we can collect everyone's alternative sites that can be used to replace Garmin Connect.

    I am personally sick and tired of the lack of strategy, vision and technical execution from the Garmin bigwigs so lets all coordinate for the switch.


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    I've tested two so far... - seems cycling oriented more so than running...I don't see any avg pace data and lap data so this won't work for me, - seems to be much better than for data reporting and better for runners. No auto upload of data though best I can tell.

    Personally I don't care about the switch to Bing. I never use the maps...I just want the data, ie elevation, pacing, speed, distance, etc. so I'm more than fine with Garmin Connect. Not to say they're not important for others but to be the other voice in this whole thing it's not the end of the world for some of us either....
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      All are better than Bing...

      There are quite a few good ones actually. I've tried several and found the best to be RunKeeper or Shapelink/Runners world. Both with Google maps and easy download from Garmin


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        How do you import the activities to RunKeeper form the Garmin? I think it is not possible to use the Ant.


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          You don't use Ant anyway. The Ant Agent takes the information from your device to your computer. Then, either by direct file transfer or using Garmin Communicator, you upload the activity data. Not sure which method RunKeeper uses.

          If you do a search you will find a number of threads with suggestions for alternatives - RunningFreeOnline, DailyMile, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks etc.


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            Finding a perfect solution is not easy - what i missed with GC (before Google Maps dissappeared) was a gradient indication.

            I was pleased to see this is displayed by - and the calendar and activity summaries fit my needs.

            The 'Player' function is also interesting as the position is always centered and the speed of the playback reflects the speed variations during the activity.


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     screws up my HR data.


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                Not an alternative - but a fix to restore Google Maps on GC activities details

                see this thread:



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                  Dozens of alternatives listed here:


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                    Compilation of 16 GC alternatives

                    From Garmin Forums posts and related FaceBook posts:

                    Alternatives to Garmin Connect:


















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                      I should have checked this out earlier....

                      I started posting to all of the threads on this topic about RideWithGps. One person here mentioned how ridewithgps didn't show laps. Though that may be true, you can select an arbitrary portion of your route and it will show you the average speed for that section. In some ways I find that more useful and flexible than just having laps.

                      Having said that, I think both RideWithGps and Garmin Connect have some features that the other doesn't have, so I use both of them.


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                        Why do Garmin simply not have an options in the settings section of Garmin connect to allow users to decide what maps they would like to display?

                        I don't understand this, perhaps there is some licensing issue we are not aware of?


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                          MyTourbook -


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                            Using you can automatically copy new (or old) activities from Garmin connect to RunKeeper. It is just a one time setup, the rest is automatic.



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                              Garmin Connect does the minimum, there is no real interpretation of the data.

                              For instance, heart curve is really poor: same color, no color by area (60/70%, 80/90%, etc...) no average by area e.g. 30% of Time runner was in the area 70/80%...

                              So if you are not an expert, these information do not help you to progress.

                              No interpretation and no advice for progress are the major missing of gc

                              Gc is really poor