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Better map for Garmin Connect ?

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  • Better map for Garmin Connect ?

    Ok, importing courses from Strava doesn't work. Would love to create certain courses directly in Garmin Connect but their map is not detailed enough. As we do run or bike off-road a lot, we need to see all those footpaths that appear on Strava's map or ! Can another map be used instead of the one embedded in Garmin Connect ? It's really frustrating not being able to create a course because a path you know exist is not on the map. The only thing I can do is check out the tab "stay on road" and then draw freely on the map but this takes a lot of time as I have to continuously compare Strava's map and Garmin's by switching between the 2 tabs on my browser !

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    I feel your pain. I'm just getting to grips with an Edge 1000. I plotted a route to work last week which took me all around the houses because it had a missing path and a public road marked as a "service road".

    I can give half an answer:- There is http:// I have read that Garmin uses this as a basis for their maps, but I might be wrong. It could be that its possible to download and use it but I have not bottomed out exactly how. The point about opensource is that you can edit the maps to add exactly those features that don't exist or are plain wrong. While you are doing that to your own location, other people are doing it to their's.

    If someone could fill in the blanks in my knowledge, that would be great.


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      Mate, I would be delighted to help by adding what's missing on Garmin's map. Unfortunately, I just compared OSM (which I know for quite a while) to Garmin's and again OSM has all those missing paths that Garmin doesn't

      Anyone knows if Garmin uses an open source map where we can add missing paths ?


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        You know how sometimes you press several buttons and you don't know which one worked? Well, I am now using OpenStreetmap on Garmin Connect! I opened Connect/ Courses/tools/Create a course and there is was. It is selectable in the left hand drop-down menus.
        Firstly:- would somebody check and see if it now does that automatically?
        The only things I changed are .......
        Three days ago I:-
        Registered on
        Edited saved/ some maps.
        Today I
        downloaded a map from and installed it onto and SD card in my Edge 1000 (its already enabled and is displaying enhanced data).

        The bad news:- using the open street maps STILL results in a road course Unless you uncheck "stay on roads" In which case it draws a direct line!! So you can see it. You just can't navigate automaticly.

        So now its up to Garmin Connect to add a "stay on trails" button.


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          OSM has been there for a long while so it's nothing new. As for having the ability to plot a route along trails how do you identify the trails? Not all trails are created equally and not all are 'routable'. Where the trails are routable, (often identified as a green line over here) the route can be plotted along them with 'stay on roads' option selected.

          When plotting routes in the bush, I use a combination of OSM and Garmin as neither has all the trails I want to use easily identified. For instance, all the green lines on this section of map are paths that are routable and visible in Google Maps, but not OSM
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            Have you tried looking at alternate sites like

            With third party sites you create the route, download the TCX file and copy to the New Files folder on your Garmin. Just beware of the naming convention as only the first 15 characters are recognised.
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              The simplest solution is to use Garmin BaseCamp instead of Connect. I have TalkyToaster OS feel maps on a virtual drive on PC which BaseCamp sees. Auto generation an trails work. One can connect their GPS device to computer and use loaded maps e.g. OS maps on BaseCamp too...