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Training effect and Lactate Treshold

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  • Training effect and Lactate Treshold

    Why in cycling i don't have this data? In cycling report chart i have the training effect report but no data avaiable (i register my session with garmin 820) and the lactate treshold not exisiting in a cycling report but stay in a running report where i don't have data.

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    You are using HRM and power meter?


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      Yes, Garmin 820, HRM and Vector 3


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        The lack of training effect is due to the 820 not providing that feature.
        And not every activity will yield a lactate threshold, as it requires certain conditions to be met, like for example riding for a specified time in different HR zones.
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          most garmin connect reports have errors, i do not understand why they do not solve them, equipment so expensive and full of error