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activities not appearing in garmin connect

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  • activities not appearing in garmin connect

    My activities are transferring from my watch to the computer fine, but they aren't appearing in garmin connect. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    activity not showing in garmin connect

    Im having the same problem. Garmin 610 sync fine with computer. Said transfer was complete but is not updating to garmin connect. Have tried registering another dummy run and transferring it. Transfer completed but again not appearing on garmin connect. Frustrating....anyone got any ideas / can help?


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      Mine is a 610 too. I have sent an email to support but I'm not holding my breath for a reply. I've emailed them before about other issues and never got a reply.


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        610 connectivity problems

        Hmmm, maybe a 610 thing. Hopefully Garmin / someone on the forum comes to our rescue shortly!


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          Originally posted by Pete82 View Post
          My activities are transferring from my watch to the computer fine, but they aren't appearing in garmin connect. Has anyone else had this problem?
          Also having issues with Garmin Connect!
          I have a Garmin Forerunner 910XT. Up until Tuesday 29th June it would sync and I can view all workouts in Garmin Connect website.
          Now when I connect the ANT+ stick (the one looks like memory stick), the screen on the Garmin shows data transferring.
          The Garmin window on my laptop shows data transfer in process.
          The data transfer completes, it shows as "Transfer Successful. Activities were transferred to Garmin Connect"
          But when I log in to Garmin Connect the recent workouts are not showing!

          No idea how to resolve this. So hope some how has some useful suggestions.


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            Same here

            Got a 910 XT.

            Transfer to computer goes fine. Upload is successfull but activities do not appear in list..
            I even did a forced upload of all activities from the watch.

            Looks the Garmin service is down..

            Hello?? Anybody from Garmin listening?


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              my activities are not appearing in garmin connect as well

              I have a 910xt. Activities synced through ANT and uploaded to Garminconnect on Monday 6/26, but nothing since.
              My lap top is older so I thought it was a lap top or software issue.
              Hoping to hear something as well.


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                holiday weekend

                I also noted that during the sync, there is the usual transferring data statement; however, it is NOT followed by the "your data is now being uploaded to garmin connect".

                Given we have a holiday weekend, I'm concerned this won't be addressed until Tuesday.


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                  310xt activities not showing up in garmin connect after transfer

                  same problem here with 310xt. Just started happening this past week or so


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                    I wonder if all of us have older computers? I know mine's an older macbook pro and it's too old to update with google chrome, or IOS 10 etc. I was telling a friend, and she told me there was a recent garmin update....if the computer is too old it may not work. On Garmin express it gives me a message my computer is not compatible.


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                      Same issue with a 310 and a Swim

                      I also can't get my data to download into Connect from both a 310 and my Swim. Both were working fine as recently as Tuesday and Wednesday. I've tried loading through both my desktop and my laptop; neither works.
                      One of three things happens. 1. It starts downloading and then goes on and on and on without anything apparently getting into connect. 2. The download never starts. 3. I get a message saying something to the effect that I don't have permissions for the ANT to access my account, but then when I put in my user name and password (which work fine in connect) it does nothing.
                      I wonder if something is wrong at Garmin. I've also noticed some issues trying to edit information, which I haven't had before.

                      Frustrating. Very frustrating.


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                        Same problem here Garmin 310 with imac. Transfers fine (allegedly), doesn't show in garmin connect.


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                          Me Too!

                          Garmin 405 here. No activities since Tuesday...


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                            I have a new vivoactive HR is connected to a mobile phone, synchroniczacja data is ok, the data can not be seen . What can I do ?


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                              second activity - still not working

                              Just completed second run - same problem. says it has synced but data doesn't appear...getting annoying now