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Activity Changes Not Being Sent to MyFitnessPal

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  • Activity Changes Not Being Sent to MyFitnessPal

    Here's my current setup: I have a Garmin VivoSport that I use with Garmin Connect on my Android phone. My Garmin Connect account is linked to my MyFitnessPal account.

    Here's my dilemma: I do indoor cycling, which isn't yet a function on the VivoSport. So I use either the Cardio or Other setting to do my workout. Afterward, I have to go into Garmin Connect and edit my workout, so the activity type is properly set to Indoor Cycling. This change tremendously affects the number of calories that are shown as burned. But afterward, the change in calorie burn is never sent to MyFitnessPal.

    How I do I get the edited Garmin Connect activities to properly push to MyFitnessPal?

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    I've got the same issue, only seems to sync once, doesn't send updated exercise info if it gets edited in Garmin Connect.