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Cannot remove device from account

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  • Cannot remove device from account

    Earlier this week I replaced my Vivosmart HR+ with a Vivosport. I have been able to remove the Vivosmart HR+ from my Garmin Connect on my mobile and on my Mac - though it wasn't a very straightforward process. I'd like to remove the Vivosmart HR+ from my Garmin account, so I can give it to a friend, who could then set up his own Garmin account and add the Vivosmart HR+ to his account. I followed the instructions given by Garmin online support, but repeated attempts resulted in a message stating: "Could not remove device." Please see attachments. I'd be grateful for any advice - thank you!

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    I have the exact same issue. Did you manage to resolve it?


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      I found the link in the following forum post worked for me. Slightly different to the one suggested and holds further registration info. Worked immediately and went back to check on profile at and devices were removed.
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        Thanks. Your link worked perfect. Don't know why garmin has so many different homepages/links etc. and then additional putting the wrong information onto the FAQ. :-(
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          I figured it out! My first Vivocactive 3 would not pair with my phone and I was advised by Garmin to exchange it at the store. I set up the second device, and after reading a lot of different advice here, I had gotten myself in to a situation where Garmin Express and the Garmin Connect App each had one device (the new one) had zero devices registered, and Garmin Connect had both the old and the new.

          Then in Garmin Connect (the desktop version) I stumbled on the cog icon in the upper right-hand corner. (See image below, which shows the cog menu on click). Here's what I did:
          • Before you use the cog to remove the device you no longer want, click on the watch icon above it next to your profile icon, then click on the photo of the device to be removed.
          • The device information window will open. From there, click the cog icon, and a menu will drop down as you see in the photo.
          • The choices are "Set as preferred activity tracker", "Remove", and "Retire".
          • I did not use "Retire" - I just went straight for "Remove". I got a warning that removing the device cannot be reversed, and then voila! It was gone!
          I don't know how to get my device registered again in, and I don't know that I care. I just know that Garmin Connect desktop, Garmin Connect app, and my device are all talking to each other now with no extra devices hanging around.

          2018-03-17 (1).png

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            If all else fails, you can uninstall and reinstall Garmin Express. That worked for me to remove two old devices which I no longer have.