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  • Print Training Plan Issue


    Trying to print out my training plan from Garmin Connect. After clicking on the Print button under Training Plans, the on screen print dialogue displays the print document which is only 2 pages long, and with only the 1st page showing about 2 weeks of the 16 week training plan.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Looks like works in IE only.


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      Thank you very much for the reply!! It does print the entire training plan in IE, but instead of the actual mm/dd/year for each day it prints NaN/NaN/NaN. And seriously from all browsers only IE kinda works? Any people from Garmin Connect look at the posts here? Anyone else that can help with this issue?


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        As of October 30, the option to print a training plan doesn't seem to be available anymore. Tried Chrome and IE. Has anyone been able to print a plan recently?



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          I am having the same problem with printing my HM training plan, I have all the workouts on my device but like to print out the week or 2, it worked for the first 2 weeks of the plan but can't do it now ?


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            I am also having a problem finding my print option... I know its a digital world but its handy to have a hard copy for my wife to see on the fridge door!


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              Does anyone from Garmin even read these posts?


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                @Chrisharness: There are Garmin staff who are forum moderators, and it's their job to read the posts – not necessarily to treat it as defect reports or service requests from customers that the company ought to track, respond to and/or action, but to ensure the content of the posts comply with the terms of use of the forum.
                The issue with having to repeatedly log in to vBulletin from one forum action to the next seems to have been partially remedied, but problems persist with changes to User Settings not being properly committed upon saving, and with page encoding such that em dashes, en dashes, left and right quotation marks, accented vowels, etc. are not rendered correctly in the browser.


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                  I found printable plans here
                  Whether you’re into running, walking, cycling, golfing or triathlons – the important thing is to get moving, keep active and train consistently. Garmin is here to help.