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Bluetooth Issues with Forerunner 225 & Garmin Connect

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    Bluetooth Sync Fix (for me)

    After a week of struggling to get my FR235 to connect to the mobile app with no success, I finally succeeded.
    I had previously been able to get my phone (Galaxy S7) to see the watch from my phone bluetooth menu, but the app would still not connect the device. I unpaired the watch from my phone's bluetooth entirely. Then I used the Garmin App to connect my watch (including adding the 6-digit pin into the Garmin App) and this connected my phone with the watch. Guess I'll have to avoid using my phone's bluetooth menu, and solely use the Garmin app to activate the bluetooth connectivity - silly bug, but I guess if it works...


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      Update on Nov 27, 2017: it's been 4 months since I bought my FR235, and this issue happens quite often(2-3 times per week). I found the solution is quite simple for me. Just restart my iphone 5, enter the garmin app and the bluetooth issue is gone, nothing else is needed.

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        I am having the same issue. I have FR 235 which just wont connect to the Garmin Connect App.
        After reading some online posts, I removed the watch from the Garmin Devices section. Now when I try to pair the watch, it just doesn't work. The 6 digit pairing key flashes on my mobile for a few seconds and then disappears. A new key is flashed after a couple of seconds but vanishes after a couple seconds again. This drama continues till the watch displays an error saying unable to pair - try again. Trying again doesn't help of course.
        This has become really frustrating over the last couple of weeks. To the point that I am considering abandoning the watch altogether!
        Is anyone else facing similar issues? or does someone has any solution to this issue?

        I am using Honor 8 Pro, but do not think that the issue is with the mobile.


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          Pairing worked first time on my previous phone, One Plus X, zero problems.

          Trying today on my new phone, Moto G5S Plus and no matter how many times I try any 6 digit code from my forerunner screen, I get the message "Couldn't pair with Forerunner 235 because of an incorrect PIN or passkey" :-( Restarting the phone, toggling bluetooth on/off makes no difference.

          Update: my bad, I have a forerunner 35, someone else nearby must have a 235!!
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