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Bluetooth Issues with Forerunner 225 & Garmin Connect

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    Bluetooth Sync Fix (for me)

    After a week of struggling to get my FR235 to connect to the mobile app with no success, I finally succeeded.
    I had previously been able to get my phone (Galaxy S7) to see the watch from my phone bluetooth menu, but the app would still not connect the device. I unpaired the watch from my phone's bluetooth entirely. Then I used the Garmin App to connect my watch (including adding the 6-digit pin into the Garmin App) and this connected my phone with the watch. Guess I'll have to avoid using my phone's bluetooth menu, and solely use the Garmin app to activate the bluetooth connectivity - silly bug, but I guess if it works...


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      I recently had the same issue with my forerunner 235: Bluetooth failed pairing between the watch and the phone

      The reason in my case was that I had the latest Garmin software installed on the phone while the same update was not installed on my watch. Run the "Garmin Express" from the PC and install the latest 'Update' to my FR-235 resolved the issue. make sure the software version on your watch matches with the one on your phone.

      [update] the 2nd time I lost Bluetooth pairing, I did also the following to fix the issue:
      (1) restart the phone
      (2) delete and then add the device through Garmin app on the phone

      it looks that all was due to the new software update. I suppose restarting phone is to make sure that the update is completed on the phone.
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