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Incident Detection has been rendered useless by a recent update

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  • Incident Detection has been rendered useless by a recent update

    I have an Edge 520 and an iPhone SE. Incident Detection has worked perfectly on this for the last 18 months or so. It is now, fundamentally, broken.

    It appears that, thanks to a recent update, in order for incident detection to work, your mobile device must have a network connection at the point at which you turn on your cycle computer. If your mobile device has no valid network connection at that point, the Edge reports that incident detection is being disabled because there are no contacts set. (When of course, there *are* contacts set, but for some reason the mobile device now has to read them from the network rather than locally from the device itself.)

    This is, frankly, a stupid decision. I go mountain biking most weekends, and the car park where I leave my car - and where I turn on my Edge - is in a poor signal area, so 9 times out of 10, the Edge boots up, asks the mobile device for contacts, the mobile device can't find any, and I get told that incident detection is being disabled. Which then means I have no incident detection for the duration of that ride, the majority of which is in areas where there is a perfectly acceptable signal; so incident detection *could* work.

    There is no sensible reason I can think of to require a network connection in order to store three contacts. I guess it might allow contacts to be synced between multiple phones, but most users surely have one phone and multiple Garmin devices (Edge, Fenix etc), which all sync with the same phone. Even if there is no mobile signal at one point on a route, assuming that there will be no mobile signal anywhere else on that route, and that it is therefore reasonable to disable incident detection completely, is a really bad idea.

    Please go back to the way this worked before - this change has made incident detection far less useful than it used to be, and I cannot for the life of me work out what advantages it offers to anyone.

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    I agree absolutely correct - also affected Livetrack reliability and auto start livetrack no longer works! Not good.


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      +1 on this. I've just spent a 3 hour ride repeatedly stopping, saving my ride and re-starting to try to understand the circumstances when Livetrack will / wont auto-start and stay working. Sadly 6 attempts weren't enough to run through all the possibilities and narrow it down. The nearest I've got is that Livetrack seems to work and stay working if i'm in the Livetrack page on the connect mobile app when i press start on my edge 520.

      I remember the good old days when i ticked a box then typed in a contact email on the app, then just started my rides.... all followed by a reassuring message - "Livetrack started" (or similar).

      Whilst realising its a whinge - also felt it was less than helpful that there was no notification / guide issued when they changed Livetrack to requiring a sync with your phone contacts and then complete re-setup of the feature. My family think its amusing when i announce i'm going out for a ride, only to reappear and spend 40 mins on forums trying to understand what's changed. I don't need to give them any more reasons to think i'm going senile!

      Still... i feel better now


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        I've now noticed that this is even more broken than I had at first thought.

        It turns out that not only do you need to be in an area with signal to enable Incident Detection, but that you actually have to have the Garmin Connect app open in the foreground on your phone, otherwise you get the same "no contacts set" message and incident detection is disabled.

        Garmin, this worked perfectly well before - turn on computer, ID works, end of. It is now an utter pain to use - what exact benefits to me, the end user, have your changes to this added? Because all I can see is that it has been rendered next to useless and unnecessarily fiddly. Please put it back the way it was before!


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          Wouldnt it be nice to have some sort of direct response from Garmin Support on this. We spend time trying to unravel the bugs whilst they watch on in silence!


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            I have had the same exact problem. Now these useful features that kept my wife updated on where I am and able to get notified in case there is an incident are broken! Garmin hello?
            Garmin 520 on Trek Madone road bike
            Located in FL


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              This appears to be fixed on my Edge 1030 with latest 7.20 firmware and latest GCM app. I used to have this issue all the time. Others have seen the issue with latest FW and GCM ?


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                Originally posted by Martin868 View Post
                This appears to be fixed on my Edge 1030 with latest 7.20 firmware and latest GCM app. I used to have this issue all the time. Others have seen the issue with latest FW and GCM ?
                Never mind, it is not fixed... I concluded too quickly. I still do need the GCM app to run in the foreground on the phone for it to work. Not good.


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                  Why is there still no comment or fix from Garmin regarding this problem.

                  The problems surrounding LiveTrack and Incident Detection have been raised on a number of "topic' pages for over 2 months and Garmin remains silent.

                  Come on Garmin get it fixed ASAP.