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issue pairing bluetooth huawei p8lite 2017 and garmin fenix 5x

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    P. S. To be clear, I had to completely disable location services on my phone (if any app, such as my camera, turns it on again the virosmart to phone connection dies within 30sec)


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      I tried doing the same in regards of the Location Services option, but still couldn't connect my VivoSmart 3. I'm still thinking whether to change my phone or my band.


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        I had to disable WiFi, location settings and mobile data to get it to come up with a pairing code box that stuck around long enough for me to enter the code. As soon as I'd plugged in the code, I had to quickly switch on mobile data to get the registration process to complete.


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          I got a Garmin Vivoactive 3 for my birthday!!! Unfortunately i can not connect it with my Huawai P8 lite 2017 i allready contacted Garmin about this issue. The answer was that they knew about the problem and that they are working on it they don't have a clue when the problem should be solved! Fix this please! Expensive wach...


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            Hi guys,
            I could manage to connect my phone (Huawei P9 lite, Android 7.0) to my vivosmart HR+ by following the instructions in this post:
            If I turn on the GPS on the phone I loose the connection again, but when I turn off GPS it re-connects.


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              Originally posted by JoeMcD99 View Post
              Hi all,

              OK so I have an Honor 6x which is made my the sister company of Huawei. I've found it impossible to pair my vivosmart hr+ and to get a stable connection with my Edge 520. To cut a very long story short I stumbled across this post which allowed me to get my vivosmart to pair with my phone:


              However, I found that the connection was so unstable that it would break after 20 mins or so, sending me back to square one. After some random mucking around I noticed that if I paired and then made sure location services was permanently disabled, my phone and vivosmart got along just fine.

              All that to say, for my Huawei phone, it's location services that destroys my Ble connection.

              I thought I should post in case this turns out to be the case foe you too.



              I can confirm that disabling location services does indeed do the trick. Huawei P9 Lite and forunner 35 now connecting and syncking fine for 2 days. Would last 20 seconds before.


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                Not sure if anyone knows this.. But you can install garmin express on your laptop, connect your device with the cable. And you can sync all the data. I know, not as simple as the app. But at least you can check everything. Once you connect with express, all the data syncs with the app.
                For me, now, it is the only way to get some use out of my vivosmart 3 because it won't connect with huwai and samsung.


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                  Fenix 5x connectivity and huawei p8 lite 2017 succeeded after the latest garmin connect mobile update (ver. 4.1.8). I turned off the localization service to connect the phone and fenix 5x. The connection is stable only if the localization service is turned off.


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                    still the problem with software version 4.00, still not available 4.1.8 for vivoactive HR ( )


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                      Originally posted by 66fra View Post
                      Fenix 5x connectivity and huawei p8 lite 2017 succeeded after the latest garmin connect mobile update (ver. 4.1.8). I turned off the localization service to connect the phone and fenix 5x. The connection is stable only if the localization service is turned off.
                      Fine, solved with version 4.0.


                      - disable localization service from android settings
                      - pair the garmin device with the mobile from bluetooth settings in android.
                      - open garmin connect and wait, no need to lync in garmin connect


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                        I have a vivosport device that worked perfectly on my previous OnePlus 3 (android 8.0) phone.
                        The new Huawei P9lite (2017, android 7.0) phone can not pair the GCM application.
                        How will we (Huawei Owners) know if we finally succeed in solving this tremendous problem ?!


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                          The solution for me is always to remove updates for Google Play Services.

                          That will get my Forerunner 235 syncing with my Huawei P10 Lite again. However, then I get sign-in problems with the Play Store, which I eventually can resolve.

                          But the syncing problem will return at a later date most likely!

                          I have created a thread for this, that hopefully Garmin will notice.


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                            Same problem. Huawei P9 lite and Garmin Fenix 5 - an $800 watch that I expect to be fully compatible with my phone as promised in the specs!

                            It was working until the beginning of November but not since then.


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                              Pairing Bluetooth issue with Huawei P9 lite and Garmin Fenix 5s


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                                I would give my contribute in order to collects all this reclames regarding this issues:
                                I have a Huawei P9 lite with Android 7.0 and the last Garmin Connect, and I have the same pairing issue.

                                It's very shameful that a brand as Garmin don't fix this problem,
                                I had already pay my watch, and I have to keep it.

                                Clarify this points I think, for the next feature, a lot of customers will change the watch brand, and maybe only in this way
                                GARMIN begin to run for fix this problem. Unfortunately it may be late.

                                So, I try to disable all the service like gps, and data and try to pairing this watch.
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