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L/R pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness: are yours even?

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  • L/R pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness: are yours even?

    I had a Favero Bepro powermeter before and the pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness for both left and right legs matched. However, the Vector shows a huge difference between left and right, between 5 and 8%. The balance is always 50/50 or 51/49, but pedal soothness is usually 22/16 or similar and torque efectiveness 72/66, more or less. I cannot understand the difference. I went to a biomechanic and the machine he got did not show such a big difference.

    Otherwise, everything seems to work fine, and maybe this is not a bug, but a bad technique, but I would want to ask.


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    It does not take much functional difference in your legs before you will see multiple percents difference in TE and PS values. Just as people have a dominant arm and hand, they typically have a dominant leg (it will be the one you often lead with when ascending stairs, or when kicking a ball, etc). That does not always manifest as higher power, but it can affect how naturally your legs "pull up" on the recovery part of the pedal stroke.

    Having said that, the new beta (3.44) does fix one issue that was inadvertently introduced at version 3, that affects the TE and PS reporting. I recommend that you install the new beta and see if that improves your numbers.


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      Pretty even for me indoors. Occasional right bias outdoors.
      I was left bias though on a my old wheel on trainer but became more right bias after using a direct drive trainer and adjusting the saddle tiny bit forward.