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Continual "Off Course" Messages on first ride post v.11.0 update

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  • Continual "Off Course" Messages on first ride post v.11.0 update

    Anybody else having problems following a route after updating to v.11.0?

    The route was created on Strava, as I have done many times previous, and uploaded with Strava Routes Connect IQ app.

    As soon as I started riding I received an "Off Course" alert, quickly followed by a "Course Found". I thought it was a glitch, but every 30 seconds or so, I'd get the same alert sequence.

    It can become pretty annoying getting bleeps every 30 seconds on a 4 hour ride.

    I thought it might be something to do with GPS+Galileo option which I'd activated, so I eventually stopped and turned it back to straight GPS. Sadly that didn't change the results.

    After riding for another 30 minutes or so, I switched screens to the Map View, and I noticed the alerts had stopped. Sadly it didn't remove the alerts altogether, but the frequency dropped significantly, probably every 5 minutes or so.

    It looks like the positional checking isn't done as frequently on Map View?

    Anyway, the bleeps/alerts became more bearable, but I'm wondering if this was a one off, or have Garmin introduced a problem in the v.11.0 update?

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    hi, have a look here... edge-820-gps-tracking-problem-on-firmware-v-11-0

    was this your first ride with v11.00 ?

    Garmin should have posted this info ...

    from another device which got Galileo GPS firmware


    Note: After applying GPS software updates, for best results please allow the device to track GPS signals continuously for 15 minutes. This one-time process will allow the device to re-accumulate satellite information lost in the update process.


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      I believe I turned on GPS+Galileo after updating through Garmin Express, and then did a couple of commutes on my bike the following day. I'm therefore not sure that this is the problem in my case.