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Edge 800 maps not loading

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  • Edge 800 maps not loading

    Hi. I've had my Edge 800 for a few years now and its been a faithful until last week when it now just says it's loading maps at the bottom of the device and never completes. I now find that Garmin Express doesn't find the device, but if I take the SD card out and insert it into my laptop in a carrier I can see the files on there. All of the support seems to suggest linking to Garmin Express but as the device is not being found when linking via the USB cable I'm not sure where to go next. I have cleared out all previous activity and routes from the SD card but this has had no affect. Also just to add that when trying to fire it up without the SD card in it it behaves the same. I do get a message saying that the satellites could not be located but answering to cancel or retry to those prompts seems to have no affect on the primary issue of it not loading. I have tried the power on with buttons held for a full reset but again no affect, nor the factory settings. If anyone doesn't know what the issue maybe but knows a reputable firm who may be able to look at it also would be useful to know! Thanks Rich

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    That message is misleading. It's not just loading maps.