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Edge 510 shuts down during ride

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  • Edge 510 shuts down during ride

    I know this has been reported quite a bit before but I can find a fix, just problems. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    everytime my Edge 510 starts acting up like that, I first backup and delete all the activities off the device. Then I do a reformat.


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      Ok thanks Ill try that and see how i go


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        Didn’t make any difference at all. It still shuts down after 5 or10 minutes riding. Any other ideas?


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          Sorry, that has worked for me. What steps did you take? I've heard that the mid-ride shutdown can be related to a corrupt spot in device memory and when it tries to record data at that spot it errors out and shuts down. So the reformat hopefully straightens that part of the memory out. But I'm not at all savvy with that stuff and maybe this is just me making up reasons for it having worked out when I did it.