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Touchscreen stops responding after few seconds

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  • Touchscreen stops responding after few seconds

    Hello there.
    A few weeks ago my edeg 1000 started having a problem with the touhscreen.
    When I connect the device the touchscreen works, but if i stop touching the screen, after a few seconds (3 to 5) the touchscreen stops responding. I need to press power button twice (one for blank screen -other for showing screen again) to get the touch to work. After pressing power button if touch the screen once and keep touching, the touch works but if I stop touching, after 3-5 seconds the screen stops responding.
    Dida anyone had the same problem?

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    Could you try a couple of things.

    Turn off bluetooth - is situation improved?
    Ensure that you are clear from static by discharging - any better?


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      Hello. Thanks but none of them worked
      The screen stops responding after few seconds, but while I am continuously touching it works well


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        Try an hard reset, if that doesn't work it's probably broken.