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Where does Express put activity files?

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    I don't have the 6.10 version on my computer. Anyone know of a downloadable package?

    I really hate that Garmin has decided I can't have my own .fit files on my computer. It was bad enough when they decided I had to be connected to the internet just to look at my data on the computer, and this is worse.


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      Same problem here. Contacted Garmin support by email with a clear outline of the problem and got a completely nonsensical reply totally unrelated to my request. Despite telling them I use a Forerunner 310XT and a Garmin Swim, their first instruction was to "plug the device into the computer" - neither device has a cable! Annoying that they clearly don't even bother to understand the issue, merely give a standard 'connection problem' fix..

      I too concluded the only way was to export from Garmin Connect. I use Sporttracks and I don't like being forced to use Garmin Connect in this way - it also means you must have an internet connection to retrieve data from the watch.
      Very poor in my opinion, especially without warning.


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        Nihil novi sub sole


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          i uploaded it into my dropbox for a while. but when i need the space, i have to delete it.


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            This might be a solution for old units like 610, 310xt and Swim: You can still use the good old Ant Agent to get your files from these units to the pc.

            You'll have to search the net to find the Ant Agent installation file, as you cannot get it at Garmin anymore. I use Ant Agent v. 2.3.4 for Windows when I occasionally use the 310xt, which is now my spare watch.

            There are, however, a couple of problems with this:

            1. I don't think Ant Agent will upload your files to Garmin Connect anymore.

            2. Making it coexist with Garmin Express is not without complications. As far as I recall, Garmin Express will uninstall Ant Agent whenever Garmin Express installs an update. However, I'm sure some of you bright guys will find a way to overcome these problems. A solution might be to reinstall Ant Agent whenever Garmin Express uninstalls it.

            On my Windows 10 pc, Ant Agent stores my 310xt FIT files in this folder: C:\Users\info\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\Devices\3709182493\Activities

            Try it and let's know if it works for you! :-)


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              This really is customer care at its worst. Why make all Sporttracks users angry? Just because? Please bring back the auto save to the usual computer folder. It is my data. I just let you, Garmin, profit from it. But it is still my data. I can take it away at any time.
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                OMG, are you kidding me? There are many times that I need to edit the FIT file before uploading to GarminConnect and Strava. Like if I forget the stop the watch and I need to trim the datafile. What a terrible update that stops storing the datafile locally before uploading it. I've owned every Garmin device and been an investor in the company but this is enough to leave for Suunto.


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                  This is unbelievable of Garmin. To retrieve a corrupt file from a Forerunner 610, I just had to re-install version (Thanks Sch0nI for the tip). Forced to accept the "update required" prompt, but was then able to cancel the installation. Was then able to access the corrupt file and then fix it.

                  Garmin: You know your fit files can sometimes get corrupted on the device. Why have you made it so that some of your paying customers can no longer access these files themselves? Is it because we have an older device - 610 in my case? This is not good customer service.
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